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Amy Lewis: Why #BlackLivesMatter for Music Education

  Amy Lewis, College of Visual and Performing Arts Cultural Connections Artist-in-Residence, joined us for a discussion on "'Why #BlackLivesMatter for Music Education."  Ms. Lewis’s reflected on her experience in music education,  involvement in Black Lives Matter (Lansing Chapter) and connecting the principles of inclusivity, loving engagement and restorative justice to the power of teaching... Continue Reading →

This House Comes with a Pipeline and Contaminated Water

Post by Anna Connole, Democracy Fellow On Wednesday September 26th, Diversity Education Empowerment Program (D.E.E.P) Impact* held a dialogue on environmental racism, which refers to socially marginalized racial minority communities which are subjected to disproportionate exposure of pollutants, the denial of access to sources of ecological benefits (such as clean air, water, and natural resources),... Continue Reading →

United Way Community Tour

JMU Engagement Fellows join United Way's Community Tour on September 19, 2018 to learn about challenges faced by vulnerable populations in Harrisonburg and the community agencies and organizations that serve them. Post by Shelby Taraba, James Madison Center for Civic Engagement '18-'19 JMU Engagement Fellow On Wednesday September 19th, I had the privilege of attending... Continue Reading →

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