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Students Talk About What Should be Done to Dismantle Racism

Post by Anna Connole (JMU, '20) and Shelby Taraba (JMU, '18), Madison Center Engagement Fellow On a rare 60-degree February day in the ‘Burg, the Madison Center, Dukes Vote and  Women of Color at JMU popped up our tents on the Quad and brought Benny’s pizza to start a conversation with about how we can... Continue Reading →

Will VA be 38 to Ratify ERA?

Post by Tyler Strosnider (JMU '22) and Dr. Carah Ong Whaley Dr. Megan Tracey, a professor in the Department of Anthropology and Sociology at JMU gave a timely talk at Democracy in Peril in January about the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). Along with current efforts in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida, there is an effort... Continue Reading →

Amy Lewis: Why #BlackLivesMatter for Music Education

  Amy Lewis, College of Visual and Performing Arts Cultural Connections Artist-in-Residence, joined us for a discussion on "'Why #BlackLivesMatter for Music Education."  Ms. Lewis’s reflected on her experience in music education,  involvement in Black Lives Matter (Lansing Chapter) and connecting the principles of inclusivity, loving engagement and restorative justice to the power of teaching... Continue Reading →

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